Separated Hearts


Offerings for a separate heart..

The first time we both met here two months ago, it is today is not it? I do not even know how to kiss with my first lover sweet.

Today we invented that stupid date. You know I secretly wrote it on the calendar, with red hearts circle.
I ask you “Do you know what today is?” Although I was a little surprised when you said “It’s the birthday of my ex-girlfriend”

You said it with a smile and even your face looks a little irritated. I do not want to hear it in my ears. I can not be compared to the memories of you and he is currently with. But, even though I really like you, we are away from each other.

We can not find the heart of each of us, our hearts to one another, and than this happens, maybe we better not see each other, until your heart give you an answer. No matter if tomorrow or five years from now, I will always wait for you here. Let’s promise and tie a red thread in our hearts.

Flower buds when it already has a beautiful color. When autumn passes then also changed winter is over, it withered away, reflect how I am today. Time was very painful .. I’m confused.
When I close my eyes, I see your shadow walking, leaning, and floats with others. From there I feel like I will not see you again.I will pasrahkan my heart to see you again. I tried to hold in my heart is torn, until now I find the answer I believe.

“Can we meet?” Written in an honest letter from you. Your words look very honest. Words inked blurry because your tears are falling.

I’ll see you there. Do not cry, because today is the anniversary of our first year together. Let us celebrate, even if it is not tied red thread and look again.

You can expect to be loved, but do not forget that you have to believe. It probably will be a journey without a clear destination, but it’s not why. Let’s walk slowly down the road that we believe, with our loved ones, respectively.

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